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If you're remodeling or sprucing up your home, you'll probably want to hire a professional painting service. IC Roofing offers painting and drywall repair services in Mason, Ohio. We'll create a solid canvas for your paint and provide you with quality painting services to enhance the interior of your home.

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3 benefits of adding an accent wall

3 benefits of adding an accent wall

As part of our painting service, IC Roofing can add an accent wall to a room in your home. Accent walls are common in living rooms, kitchens and other common areas. An accent wall can:

  1. Draw your eye to a focal point, such as a fireplace or art piece
  2. Make the room look larger, especially in a room without windows
  3. Pull together the decor, making your accent colors pop even more

Before we paint, we'll check the wall underneath and complete a drywall repair, if necessary.

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