Keep Heat in Your Home With New Insulation

Keep Heat in Your Home With New Insulation

Get expert insulation installation in Mason, Lebanon & Kettering, OH

When harsh Ohio winters bring freezing temperatures to your home, you count on your heater to keep you warm. But if your attic isn't insulated properly, your home won't stay warm for long. Call IC Roofing-we install fiberglass insulation in Mason and Lebanon, Ohio and the surrounding area.

We'll make sure that your attic is insulated thoroughly so that you never have to worry about losing heat in your home. Make an appointment for insulation installation today.

Why is it important to insulate your attic?

Do you feel drafts in your attic? Does your home stay cold even with the heat running? These are signs that you need new fiberglass insulation. If you don't have insulation in your attic, you could be dealing with:

  • Uncomfortable temperatures in your home
  • Water damage or mold growth in your attic
  • High utility bills due to leaked air

Your home could lose air through your exterior walls or vents if it's not insulated. These air leaks can also cause condensation, which can lead to mold growth. Avoid the dangers and hassles of mold in your home-call IC Roofing now to schedule insulation installation in Mason, OH.